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We know you have questions about getting on the Google map and how our service works so we have created a list of some of the more commonly asked questions we hear.

Why do I need to pay to get my business on the map?

Like most business owners, you probably thought it was free on Google, right? In theory, yes that’s true; it’s also free to submit your site to the search engines. However, that doesn’t mean you will be on the first page. There are only 7 spots available on the map. In competitive industries, getting on the map means moving ahead of your competitors. To be in the top spots requires knowledge of what Google requires to be there and stay there. We have that knowledge.

Do I have to have a website to get my business on the map?

Yes and no.  Although there is no website required to have a map profile, you will definitely want a website to be on the front page of Google maps. It is true that most people searching for services are looking for a phone number to call and only a small percentage of people will visit the website directly, but Google uses your Search Engine Optimized website to validate your business information and find information about your business. Not only is having a website important, but having an Optimized website is essential!

What if I am already on the map?

Great! But, are you on the map in the center of your market and for the right search terms? MapTraffic.net can help you find which keywords are best for your industry and make sure your customers can find you when they search for them.

What difference will the 1st page do for my business verses the 2nd?

You only have 7 seconds to capture someone’s attention. People start from the top and read down. Why would you want to be any where else, but the top of the map? Getting your business on the first page could mean the difference between your phone ringing or dead silence.

What’s my guarantee that I will be in the top spot?

After 60 days – you’re either on the Front Page or you don’t pay! We guarantee that your business will be listed on the front page of Google search results*, for at least 3 out of 5 of your keywords within 60 days or MapTraffic.net will immediately suspend your monthly service fee until we get you there.   *See our Terms of Service for a more detailed explanation.

How long will it take to get my business to the top of the map?

It typically takes about 60 days for your listing’s optimizations to be fully engaged. You may see results much sooner, but we guarantee results within 60 days.

What if I fall off the map?

It’s very possible that your business could fall off  the map because every once in a while Google  changes it’s formula. But don’t worry, it won’t be for long! We are constantly monitoring our clients with our high-tech software and when we are notified that a client falls off, we go to work to get them back on the map generally between 24-72 hours.

How do I know you won’t solicit my competitors?

Your competitors are already on the map. We work on a first come, first serve basis. Our loyalty is to the first business that signs up. We will never let a client that signs up after you advance above you.

Do I have to sign a contract?

No, there is no contract required to get on the top of the map.

Can I pay monthly?


Can I cancel at any time?


Do I get a discount for paying in advance?

We strive to keep our services at an affordable price and feel our services are already low. While we appreciate loyal clients, it is the same price no matter how you want to pay.