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Get on Google Maps

Google is mostly famous as a search engine and people are unaware of some of the other services that it provides. One such service that is highly useful is Google Maps, a feature of their Local Business Center. Get on Google Maps and use their web based mapping service which provides directions, company information, images and much more to people who are searching for such information. The geographical information of the local business community is presented in an organized manner, making it highly relevant for people looking for anything from pizza delivery to dry cleaning or even a local roofer. This type of search service provides street maps, urban business locators that aid in finding any type of business in numerous countries of the world and a route planner that is very helpful for those traveling by public transport, foot or car.

Google Maps – Good for Small Business Owners

The mapping technology provided by Google is very effective for the businesses as it is an easy way to portray one’s presence online and with the directions and locations provided by the service, finding a business is relatively easy and quick. Small businesses are always on the lookout for inexpensive methods of advertising and marketing their businesses. Most small business owners however, are still unaware that one of the best services that they should be using is Google Maps, part of the Google Local Business Center. Unfortunately, getting a listing to appear is oftentimes nearly impossible. With all the pizza shops in Manhattan for example, how can Google determine which of the lucky 7 pizza shops should be displayed?

Google Maps – Convenient for Customers

Getting listed with Google Maps, helps small businesses in making them known to prospective customers, that are on the lookout for specific type of businesses located within a specific geographical location. When people type in their search which could be based on the type of business, driving distance, location or a starting address, Google Maps returns a list of seven of the businesses that they feel fulfill the criteria mentioned in the search. This is in addition to the graphical map with a colorful red marker that appears along with the information. This map is helpful in displaying the location of the business, which the user can scroll or zoom to have a clearer picture. The Map also provides detailed contact information of the business along with precise driving instructions from a particular location to the desired business location. But once again, how do you get on that exclusive list?

Get Listed on Google Maps

Google Maps is not only an interesting application but a very useful one especially for small businesses. The reason for this is that when you get on Google maps, the small business owners can get premium exposure to the entire local community. However to seek the effectiveness of Google maps, the business owners must first get listed in the local searches which is limited to the city or State. The reason for this is that this gives a better response from those customers that seek local business. Being listed on the first page of Google and on the map is fantastic for the lucky 7, unfortunately though not all businesses get listed on the map. For the business owner getting listed in the local search of Google Maps would be like advertising in a local phone book or the classifieds.

There are various blogs and reviews from business owners that vouch for the effectiveness of getting listed and being part of the seven pack as it is often called. This is because Google being a premier search engine is searched for all major information and with the availability of Google Maps, the search can now be done locally. This has helped the small business owners tremendously in getting them more business. Local business owners are becoming more involved in promoting their offerings online and therefore those who seek professional services or products look to the internet for local information and availability. Thus Google Map optimization is a very effective for all types of businesses.