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10 Local Marketing Ideas – part 2

Welcome to part 2 of 3 in the article titled; “10 Local Marketing Ideas For Small and Mid-Size Businesses“. In part two, we will look at some things you can do to interact with people in your market to help brand you as one of the leaders in your field.

    1. Google Local Business: (covered in part 1)
    2. Internet Yellow Pages: (covered in part 1)
    3. Review Sites: (covered in part 1)
    4. Your Company Blog:

Yes, a blog can mean a lot of work, but for many businesses, writing a blog post once every month or two is better than nothing at all. Now days blogging is so easy that if set up correctly, you can blog via email and even phone! What’s more is all those pictures you take of your work, upload them to your blog. Do you take videos? add them as well. Visitors love images and especially videos. Even if they aren’t studio quality. Many people tell me they prefer that since it is more believable. Most importantly though, Google loves images and video. done correctly, you could get a nice bump in your keyword rankings.

    1. Social Media Marketing:

Even if you personally don’t use Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin, others do. They are free to use and can be very effective. While MapTraffic doesn’t use these social platforms as local advertising tools for our clients listings, we certainly do for our site. when we click “publish” on this post, for example, it will automatically send an update to all three of the sites mentioned. For Facebook marketing, we highly recommend Destiny Internet Marketing.

    1. Forum Posting:

Nearly every niche has a forum associated with it. If you search for your industry and “forum” you will find several. I would encourage you to create an account and start contributing. Chances are, many of the forum visitors would greatly benefit from your knowledge and experience. When you are creating your profile you can even add a link to your website. If you want to take it a step further, include a signature with a link to your site. Every time you post you will create another link back to your site.

People want to work with the best in the business. By using these three suggestions, you will be able to start build a strong client base who perceives your company to be the authority in your field. When they have questions or needs, they will turn to you first for answers, products and services. when implemented correctly, customers won’t have a problem paying a little more to work with the best. While MapTraffic doesn’t provide these services directly, we will gladly share our resources with you. Our vendors have helped us become the authority in our field of online advertising: Google Maps search results. We can be reached at 715-598-4129 or email us at sales@maptraffic.net we would be happy to help.

As an added bonus, here is a video showing you how to get your company listed on the well-known review site; JudysBook.


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