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7 Google Places Success Examples

We are asked all the time for samples of our work and we readily oblige by emailing samples from our portfolio of over 2,500 clients. We generally try to send examples of people we have on the Google map in their specific niche. But we have decided to give some random samples from around the US so you can see that they are on the front page (usually at the top of the map). So, go ahead and put in our clients keyword phrase and see for yourself.

  1. Ava’s Day Spa and Beauty Salon
    170 Grand Avenue, St Paul, MN 55102
    (651) 222-2525
    KEYWORDS:  “spa st paul” and “day spa st paul”
  2. RecDirect Factory Outlets
    3715 Northcrest rd, Atlanta, GA 30340
    (404) 806-7407
    KEYWORDS: “hot tubs atlanta” and “saunas atlanta”
  3. Serviced Apartments London Gold
    240, 2 Lansdowne Row, London W1J 6HL, United Kingdom
    +44 20 3318 5801 ?
    KEYWORDS: “vacation flats london”
  4. Foster Law Group P.C.
    3515 South Tamarac Drive #200
    Denver, CO 80237
    Office Phone: 303-297-7729
    Office Fax: 303-845-9924
    KEYWORDS: “bankruptcy attorney Denver” and “bankruptcy lawyer Denver”
  5. CDA- San Antonio Cosmetic Dentists
    5837 Babcock Road, San Antonio, TX 78240
    (210) 337-6453 ?
    KEYWORDS: “cosmetic dentist san antonio” and “teeth whitening san antonio”
  6. Dr. Judith Kanzic, D.C. Houston Chiropractor
    7702 Westview Drive, Houston, TX 77055
    (713) 683-6800
    KEYWORDS: “pain relief houston” “neck pain houston”
  7. Los Angeles ADT Dealer
    200 N Spring Street , Los Angeles, CA 90012
    (213) 261-0655
    KEYWORDS: “Alarm Systems Los Angeles” and “Home Security Systems Los Angeles”

Because of the on-going changes we make, our clients enjoy a more stable map listing as time goes on. The longer we work with them, typically the more “locked-in” they get. If for some reason they slip, and they will, we work diligently to restore them to the position they had or better. Normally the reason for this is something the business owner has done to cause adverse results on their Google Places position.

If you are ready to get serious about your online presence and are ready to work with a company who specializes ONLY in the Google Map, then give us a call to get started. We guarantee that within 2 months we will have you on the front of the map for 3 of your 5 keyword terms as outlined in our Terms of Service. We can be reached at 715-598-4129.
[map w=”500″ h=”400″ maptype=”SATELLITE” kml=”http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?hl=en&gl=us&ie=UTF8&msa=0&output=nl&msid=200521383667293551502.00049ae9711024d1b7b3e”]

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How Do I get on the Google Map?

Are you frustrated because you aren’t able to get on Google’s map? You’re not alone. A simple search for something as obscure as “duct cleaning minneapolis” produced 731 results on June 25, 2010 when we clicked on the “More results near Minneapolis, MN »” link.

 More Results Google Map

Results in Google Maps

More competitive terms like “auto glass repair san francisco ca” has 6,786 results as of 06/25/2010. So it’s no wonder you are asking the question “How do I get on Google Maps”.

More Google Map results

Google Map Results

What this means is that Google has narrowed down the results found from 731 & 6,786 respectively to 7! This is why many have started referring to these 7 results found on the front  page of Google Maps as the “Lucky 7”. But it doesn’t have to be luck. Our company  has identified 27 variables which Google uses when determining which companies will be displayed for the person doing the search. Obviously, they are all about quality results, so they want to make sure only the very best results are displayed.

It’s also common knowledge that Google likes to shake things up about every 3-4 months. The 7 businesses who have enjoyed being on the top of Google maps, may suddenly find them selves on page two. The good news is, our programmers know which elements Google measures, so it’s just a matter of weighting them differently and finding the right formula. Once they have determined that, we simply apply it to all our customers and they are back in the same position!

While we won’t give away any of our trade secrets, we would like to give you 3 often overlooked pointers in regards to getting your business on the front page of the Google Map.

  1. You must have a completed Google Maps profile – It’s highly unlikely you will have great results without a completed profile including proper category selection, description and images.
  2. Have your customers leave reviews – notice we didn’t say add your own reviews? Give Google some credit. They can tell if all three of the reviews you added 3 days ago are from the same ip address. They can also tell that for the past 90 days you have had no reviews and suddenly you have 13 reviews.
  3. Hire and SEO firm, but get references – If you hire an SEO company to help get you to the top, ask for samples of their work. how competitive is the industry. Go to the second page of the map, scroll down and see how many other results there are. For example, any SEO firm could help a business get listed on the map for: “mobile home repair odessa tx” (1 result).
  4. Here’s a bonus….be patient! – I know it’s difficult because you want your company on the map immediately, but Google is not so easily manipulated.

We realize we haven’t even scratched the surface of what Google is looking for, but at least you will have a start. At MapTraffic.net, we have identified 26 points which Google considers regarding where you rank on the map. We also know that from time to time they like to shake things up. When that happens, we simply go to work testing to see which of those components they are now giving more weight o and make the appropriate adjustments. At MapTraffic.net we guarantee your business a first page listing on the map within 60 days, or we refund ALL your money, and that guarantee is for 3 out of 5 keywords! Call 888–Map-Map1 today for more info.

Google Maps – Huge SEO Benefit For Local Business Owners

Google Maps Search Engine Optimization

Google Maps Search Engine Optimization

Managing a business at any level means that you are facing new challenges every day. When you are running a business, you know that it takes quite some time to make yourself known in the market and get yourself adjusted to the business environment. It’s time you move the world wide web in order to successfully implement your company. This means to make use of SEO, or as it’s known in the web marketing and web promotion industry, Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

The higher your rank on a search engine, the easier it will be for others to find you online. This will result in the public becoming more familiar with the product or service you offer, and, accordingly, more business and profit for you as opposed to your competitors. There are many advantages and benefits of search engine optimization, because having your business outsourced to a SEO will not bring your worth down at any point, but it will, in fact, relieve you from most of the tension.

Of course, in order to benefit from SEO, you need to consider a number of factors, and before hiring any SEO company, there are things you must think through. To optimize the quality this will help you. Through devoted web masters, you can standardize and optimize your webpages, if you take advantage of experienced, SEO service providers.

Is Your Business on the Google Map?

One of the greatest benefits of getting your business outsourced to a SEO based company is that you can improve and increase your presence on the internet, and on Google in particular, and in this way reach millions of people and promote your business in multiple ways. If you appear on Google maps, you will be visible to millions and possibly billions of people all around the world. The way your business listings appear on the internet all depends on the way you appear to Google. You will be able to appear on the internet more prominently through a good SEO package of services such as the local map listing service offered through MapTraffic.net. The best methodology is through Google Map SEO. A good SEO specialist will focus primarily on Google Map Optimization and on trusted and proven tactics or strategies to improve your search results. This might appear to be simple, but it requires lots experience, practice and technical knowledge of the internet and web linking.

If you are struggling to increase web presence, consider getting an SEO service to increase your site’s ranking and its web presence. You will be exposed to a number of SEO techniques that enable you to have an improved way of enhancing your business and letting your product or service reach more people than you think possible, at any time of day. Ready to get started? Call 888-Map-Map1

Google Places – All New Ads on Google Maps

Well, we all knew it would be just a matter of time until Google figured out a way to monetize their Google Map. For many business owners this may be the best chance they have at getting listed on the map. All across the net, people are asking, “How can I get listed on Google maps“. Well, here is an answer…

Google LatLong: Tags: Now in 11 cities

Tags: Now in 11 cities
Thursday, April 29, 2010 at 3:25 PM

Last week we announced that our new ads offering, Tags, would be rolling out to additional cities. Now business owners in San Jose, Houston, Austin, Atlanta, Washington DC, San Diego, Seattle, Boulder, Chicago, San Francisco and Mountain View can sign up for Tags from their Google Places accounts.

You’ll notice that we’ve added Mountain View, CA to the list of cities participating in the trial. Because we are still tweaking the product a bit, we thought we’d make it available in our hometown so we can get quick feedback as we work on new features.

For those who are not yet familiar with Tags, for a $25/month flat fee businesses can opt to add a yellow tag to their Google Places listing that highlights a particular aspect of their business. The tag options today include coupons, photos, videos, menu, reservation, website, and driving directions. In a couple of weeks we will launch a new tag type: “post to your Place Page,” a freeform text field in which a business owner can highlight a custom message announcing a sale or an upcoming event.

One thing is for sure. when it comes to our city, we will give it a try. Love ’em or hate ’em, Google AdWords works for many business models. Paid advertising on Google Maps will certainly help increase traffic for many local business owners. Of course, we still think the simple and most affordable way to get on the map is by simply giving us a call at MapTraffic.net. Call 888-Map-Map1 for a guaranteed “front page” listing on the map.

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