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Get on Google Maps Fast

Does your business depend largely on where you are on Google Places? With MapTraffic.net you can get on Google Maps fast and get your phone ringing again. All you need to get on Google Maps again is a website and a phone number. We take care of all the rest!

Google Place Listing

Most of the people we work with have already been on the map and have seen the benefit of a front page, Google Places listing. They know the value first hand and for one reason or another, are no longer on the top of the map. Some are literally nowhere to be found at all!

Get on Google Maps

Google Maps play a huge role in many business sectors. Especially those businesses where people just need a phone number and aren’t necessarily looking for a specific company. Some examples would be spas, dentists, plumbers, restaurants, bars, hotels, taxis, limos, heating & air conditioning companies and more. Chances are, your customers aren’t always loyal to you and they either like change, want multiple price quotes, or have simply forgotten who they used last time. If you fit that criteria, chances are a page 1 listing would do wonders for your local business.

What Will be Your Next Move?

You can hope that Google will someday deem your Google Plus profile page worthy enough to move up, or you could hire someone that “claims” they can help you, or you cna work with a company who specializes only in helping local business owners get on Google Maps. If the latter is your choice, you have found the company you have been searching for to claim a top listing on the map. At MapTraffic, we only focus on the map and Google’s ever changing criteria to keep you on the top of the map. If you are ready to get serious about your business, give us a call 715-598-4129 or email us at sales@maptraffic.net. Your business is to important to not make the call!